Nagashima Sakai delivers restructuring solutions for enterprises and stakeholders in businesses dealing with productivity issues and financial incapacity, developing a strategy to speed up recovery. Our solid industry background and expert team enable us to design matching customized services to the unique situations and requirements of clients.

Our international restructuring service can help businesses in addressing problematic situations that may threaten the enterprise value.

Nagashima Sakai works closely with lenders, stakeholders and all levels of management to be able to strategize and implement restructuring actions that deliver practical enhancements to the cash flow, profit and loss and balance sheet.

Nagashima Sakai provides an opportunity for businesses to alleviate and execute a straightforward methodology for strategic, operational and financial transformation, with the objective of optimizing the productivity of the business and to support the creation of exceptional and sustainable value for the enterprise.

Our expert team can help an enterprise revitalize its business operations to regain optimized value. Nagashima Sakai provides the flexibility, ingenuity and proficiency required to engage and address complicated business issues involving numerous stakeholders. With our multidisciplinary competencies come decades of industry exposure including out-of-court restructurings, bond exchange and tender offers, and distressed sales of business units.

Nagashima Sakai offers specialized expertise and a network of partnerships and alliances that can help determine and examine alternatives to provide enterprises and their borrowers a practical evaluation of capital market solutions.