Financial Advisory Service
Through our mergers and acquisitions services, Nagashima Sakai helps clients create and execute effective exit strategies and sustainable growth. Our expert team selects and gets in touch with qualified targets, processing all requirements of the transaction, as well as navigating through the deal, determining enhancements on structure, performing due diligence and looking out for financing. We set up and promote growing companies for purchase, leveraging our international network of strategic investors and financial purchasers, and then execute the sale process through completion. We optimize the after tax sale proceeds, while helping our clients perform effective exit strategies ensuring productivity is not hindered by the engagement.

Nagashima Sakai helps corporate and other disputed ownership stakeholders to restructure, shift or efficiently dissolve their relationships. We execute the total buyout process, with services that include superior tactical planning for the stakeholders and the enterprise; valuation of the enterprise and respective stakeholder interests; creation of exit approach, workflow and pricing; configure engagement parameters for departing stakeholders; facilitate buyout finance sourcing; and administer the transaction process and stakeholders through completion.

With Nagashima Sakai, clients are sure to get support on resources for efficiently accessing funding, modern machinery, innovative products and customizable services, allocation channels and administrative tools. Our expert team helps clients level the playing field in navigating through negotiations and facilitating productive engagements with key domestic and international enterprises, while clients maintain their productivity targets and concentrate on the operation of their enterprise.